Friday, March 20, 2009


1.What is handwriting analysis?
2.My handwriting changes all the time!!
3.Can handwriting analysis help me in choosing my career?
4.What is Grapho -Therapy?
5.For how long should one practice grapho-therapy?when will l see the changes it brings?

1. What is handriting analysis?
Handwriting Analysis is a science through which we can understand a person's personality,his emotions,stengths,weakness and much much more.

2.My handwriting changes all the time?
Yes, we feel that way as our handwriting changes according to our moods,but the basic character of the writing will remain the same. eg. you have a room and can change the furniture and other items in it but can you change the room itself? say place a wall in between the room? sure you can but that will take a solid decision on your part to do so. Likewise major traits in your personality will remain the same.

3.Can handwriting analysis help me choose my career?
Yes, most certainly it can. It first of all helps you know yourself and your positive and negative points and helps you utilize them the most. It gives you confidence, good memory, attention and helps you choose the best feild for yourself.

4. What is grapho therapy?
Grapho therapy is a scientific method of changing your handwriting to change your personality.

5. For how long should one practise grapho therapy? when will l see the changes it brings?
The basic course is for one month and as you keep on practising ,strong are the possibilities of seeing the changes that you aspire. Sometimes you can see few changes within 7 days of practising grapho therapy.