Know Your Personality by Your Handwriting

Handwriting Analysis is a science by which you can understand a person’s personality,moods,his likes, dislikes,strengths,weakness and much much more.
I personally feel that Change is the only thing constant in life, so why not change for the better??” Handwriting Analysis very effectively and effortlessly brings out your true personality,hidden from the eyes of the world.it also shows you your positive, negative points and helps you strengthen the positive and reduce or get rid of the negative aspects of your personality.
This process of changing your handwriting scientifically to change your personality and enrich your life is known as GRAPHO-THERAPY. In a couple of weeks you are able to note the difference in your day to day life. Our way of thinking and reacting to situations change and we feel much in control of ourselves in any given situation.
Handwriting Analysis is a truly a beautiful and unique science that any person can follow be it a businessman,housewife,student and take full advantage of.
We want the whole world to change,but we forget that the process has to start from within.
for those who would like to analyze their handwriting or practice grapho therapy can contact Farida H B on the following number for a reasonable price.

Farida H B
Handwriting Analyst and
Grapho Analytical Therapist